In order to apply for participation at Power Plants 2010 Conference you must first register on our website.

Registration procedure requires from you to choose you unique username and password and submit them via our website.

After submission you will recive an e-mail asking you to confirm your registration, by following the link in given e-mail.

Once you have confirmed your registration, you will be able to login (with your username and password combination) to our website secure section. That will allow you to:

  • fill in (or later update) your application form for Conference
  • upload paper abstract(s) for the Conference
  • upload paper(s) for Conference

The procedure for abstracts and papers submission is following:

  • after you submit paper abstract (or abstracts), an editor will be informed of such event
  • abstract(s) can only be submitted once and cannot be modified, so please bear that in mind
  • abstract can contain up to 500 words (no images or other media, plain text only)
  • once the Scientific Committee accepts your abstract for Conference, you will recive an e-mail message with appropriate note and you will be able to upload files to our web server
  • only pdf and doc files are acceptable and should not be larger than 4MB in size
  • you will be able to resubmit or delete files until the submission closing day

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